New board member resources

Gain access to Member Resources

Call OSBA at 1-800-578-6722 or email at and provide the following information:

  • your name
  • district
  • address
  • phone number
  • email
  • occupation
  • term expiration
  • years of board experience

This can also be done through your board secretary.

Once you have your login and password, you can access the resources listed below. Member Resources can then be accessed on our homepage under My OSBA.

Free online courses

OSBA has some free online courses to help get you started in your role as a Board member. They are available here. You can get started with these:

  • Roles and Responsibilities 
  • School Ethics 
  • Public Meetings Laws

Free online publications

OSBA also has several written resources ready for its members. Feel free to browse what is available, but we recommend starting with the following:

  • Boardsmanship for Oregon School Board Members
  • Public Meetings Law, Board Meetings and Executive Sessions

These and others are available for pdf download under Member Resources.


OSBA also provides training opportunities for school board members throughout the year.

Our two main training events are the Summer Board Conference held every July in Bend and our Annual Convention each November in Portland.

We also provide various additional trainings through regional trainings as well as special events like the School Law Conference, Legislative Day and the Bonds, Ballots and Buildings Conference.

You can access our calendar of events on our home page.


If you have specific questions, or want to read some common questions and get the answers, visit our Ask Betsy's Team page. Here you will find questions on a variety of board-related topics. Some examples are:

- How much detail should be included in our executive session minutes?

- How long before the meeting should a special meeting be posted?

- Does a superintendent's formal evaluation have to be released if requested by any member of the public?

If you have a question that you don’t see, click on the link to Ask Betsy’s Team or email any of us in the Board Development Department and we will get back to you with an answer.

You can also subscribe to OSBA's email notifications.

Additional Resources


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Evaluating the superintendent

Sharing a common vision

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