July meeting agenda checklist

School boards must conduct an organizational meeting after July 1 to begin each new fiscal year. In election years, that meeting must occur no later than the last day of July. (ORS 332.040 and 255.335(5)) OSBA recommends the following agenda items, listed with applicable Oregon Revised Statutes.

Organizational meeting agenda checklist:

  • Swear in recently elected and appointed directors, who must take an oath of office before assuming duties. Elect the board chair and vice chair. (ORS 332.005(2), 332.040) [Sample Oath]
  • Make sure the following positions are designated:
    • Chief administrative officer (the superintendent) as school district clerk or another individual, if there is no chief administrative officer. (ORS 332.515)
    • Business manager or deputy clerk, or both.
    • Custodian of funds who will sign checks or, if the school board so authorizes, utilize a facsimile signature for that purpose. (ORS 328.441, 328.445)
    • Budget officer, who shall prepare or supervise preparation of the budget document under the direction of the executive officer. (ORS 294.331)
    • Financial auditors for the school year, who may be contracted for through the administrative office of the county in which the administrative office of the school district is located. (ORS 328.465, 327.137, 297.405)
    • Legal counsel.
  • Determine fidelity-bond amounts for those authorized to handle district funds and ensure they are bonded by a surety company authorized in Oregon. (ORS 332.525)
  • Set a borrowing limit for the custodian of funds.
  • Establish dates, time and place of regular monthly board meetings.
  • Establish depository(ies) for school funds. (ORS 328.441, 294.805-294.895)
  • Review status of Local Public Contract Review Board and rules. (ORS 279A.060)
  • Under new business:
    • Appoint members of standing committees.
    • Approve personnel changes.
    • Approve contracts for payment. (ORS 332.075(2-3))

If some of these items were omitted from your July agenda, approve the additions at the start of the meeting.

To read the statutes referenced in this agenda, visit the Legislature's Oregon Revised Statutes page.

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