How to become a school board candidate

Board members are elected to four-year terms, or two-year terms to fill a vacancy. You must be a registered voter and you must have lived in the district for one year immediately preceding the election. School district, ESD and community college employees elected to serve on their board must give up employment with the district to sit on the board.

Board members are elected by zones or as at-large representatives. The procedure for choosing board members by zone or at large is determined at the district level. Board members elected at large may live anywhere in the district. Board members elected by zone may 1) live in the zone and be elected by all district voters or 2) live in the zone and be elected only by voters living within that zone.

Your county elections official, superintendent, college president or school board member can tell you how board members are elected in your district.

We encourage you to become actively involved with OSBA if you are elected to a school, ESD or community college board.