Educational Equity Workshops

What's the difference between equality and equity? This may seem an inconsequential question, but the answer is vital to closing the achievement gap for students in our schools. OSBA, in cooperation with Oregon Center for Educational Equity, now offers four separate workshops designed to help boards expand their understanding of educational equity issues and support collaborative planning around their solutions.

OSBA is now offering workshops on the following topics:

A place at the table: building cross-cultural community
Who are the voices you consistently hear from at your board meetings? Whose voices are rarely present or heard? Learn strategies for bringing forward multiple perspectives and using them in your decision-making to ensure more equitable access and outcomes for students and families.

Creating more equitable schools
As we develop a stronger focus on creating equitable schools, the first question we need to develop understanding about is: What does equity look like (and NOT look like) in my educational setting? This workshop will explore the questions board members should be asking in their districts and discuss what you should be looking for, encouraging, and discouraging as you address the inequities in your school systems.

Understanding poverty
Often, educators' approach to understanding the relationship between poverty and education has been to study the behaviors and cultures of poor students and their families. This workshop will push participants beyond this one-dimensional understanding of poverty towards new understandings that are at the heart of creating anti-classist classrooms and schools.

Supporting our families of color
When we don’t build an explicit awareness of the specific experiences and needs of our students/families of color, we as white leaders often assume their experiences and needs are the same as ours. In order to help build better relationships with our diverse communities, this workshop will 1) explore Oregon’s racial history and its impact on decisions you make today as a school board member and 2) unpack some of the things we unknowingly say to our students and families of color that offend them or dismiss their experience.

For more information or to schedule a workshop for your district, please contact OSBA Board Development staff.

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