Board service means commitment

As you consider running for your local school board, think about what being a board member means to you, your family and your community.

Oregon’s school districts, education service districts (ESDs) and community college districts are governed by elected boards of five, seven, nine or 11 members that help direct the superintendent or college president run what may be the largest businesses in their communities. Board actions affect the families of hundreds of students and employees, now and for years to come.

Your duty will be representing all students, staff and members of the community as you work with other board members to craft policy.

School board authority rests with the board as a whole, not with individual board members. Board decisions are made by majority rule and, as one member of this ruling body, you will find yourself in the position of supporting some decisions that you voted against.

Board service often requires long unpaid hours working alone, on committees and with members of your community. You’ll struggle sometimes to find solutions to complex problems – and still the solutions won’t please everyone.

However, you’ll have the satisfaction of watching students receive their diplomas, knowing that you played a role in their achievement. As an education board member, you will help shape tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.

We encourage you to become actively involved with OSBA if you are elected to a school, ESD or community college board.

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