Board chair's role as leader

The chair is still a board member

  • As an elected official, you are expected to participate in board actions; as the board's leader, you do not dominate the discussion or force an opinion on the board.
  • The chair may make motions and does not have to leave the chair to participate in discussions. OSBA recommends that the chair use this authority to make motions sparingly.
  • The chair, like all board members, is expected to vote on a motion, provided there is no conflict of interest. Oregon’s Public Meetings Law requires that the vote of each board member be recorded by name in the minutes.

Meetings must comply with the law

The board chair should understand and enforce the rules for public meetings outlined in Oregon’s Public Meetings Law and other Oregon statutes that apply to public meetings of the board.

  • Give appropriate meeting notices.
  • Hold meetings within district boundaries.
  • Hold meetings in a location accessible to the public.
  • Conduct the board’s business at public meetings.
  • Provide written minutes for board meetings; make them available to the public. (Except executive session minutes, which are not available for public review.)

Are school board members held to the same standard as volunteers in the school district in terms of fingerprinting and background checks?

Be your best on the board

Do we have to add an agenda item that is not of interest to the rest of the board if it is requested by a board member?

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