Can a part-time athletic coach serve on the school board?


The answer hinges on whether or not the person is an employee of the school district. If it is a paid position, he or she may not serve on the school board and be a paid coach. ORS 332.016(1) states:  “A person who is an employee of a school district may not serve as a member of the district school board for the district by which the employee is employed.”  

If the position is that of a volunteer coach, it is possible for the person to continue as a volunteer and serve on the board.  It may not be in the best interest of the district or the individual to try to fill both roles, however. Even volunteer coaches need to be supervised by district staff.  This can be very uncomfortable, even impossible, if the person is also sitting in the position of authority on the school board.

If you are considering serving on the board, or you are on the board and are considering a long-term volunteer position such as that of the coach, you should carefully think about the impacts it may have and discuss it with your superintendent and board chair before proceeding.
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