As we prepare to interview applicants for a vacant Board position, can we/do we provide the interview questions to the applicants prior to the interview? Are the other applicants allowed to be in the room (we know it is a public meeting) during the interview process?


Board gets to decide the process, including the questions to use, in evaluating and selecting a replacement for a vacant board position. This includes the choice of whether or not to provide applicants the questions in advance. It is up to the board. If you provide the questions to one candidate, you should provide them to all candidates.

Because the interviews are held in a public meeting you cannot keep the candidates from attending the other interviews. However, you can REQUEST that they not attend the other interviews. Particularly, if you don’t give the questions out in advance, you can explain that it is so that everyone has a level playing field. We have told boards that if they request a candidate only attend their own interview, and then they go to the others, it tells you something important about that candidate.

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