Our board wants to hold a summer retreat at a meeting facility outside the boundaries of our district. Is this OK?

All meetings of the board must be held within district boundaries. See ORS 192.630. The only exception is when the board is going to meet with another board. Then, the joint meeting must be held within the boundaries of one of the boards involved in the meeting.

If the meeting is for training only, it is not a board meeting and can be held outside of district boundaries. Be very careful, however: There cannot be any discussion of district business at the training. If there is discussion of or deliberation on district business, the training meeting is no longer a training meeting; it has become a board meeting - one that you are holding illegally.

OSBA is often asked to facilitate board retreats in the summer outside of the district boundaries for training only: we have seen that it is waaaaaay too easy for board members convening for training only to stray into forbidden board business. You will have a more successful session and look better to your community if your training is during a meeting that conforms to all public meeting laws - even if you fully intend to stick to training.

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