What do we have to do to fill a vacant position?

There are no statutory guidelines defining the process for selecting candidates to fill a vacant board position. Check your policies BBC and BBE to see if your district has a policy that specifies a process. If not, your board is free to develop its own process. Typically, it goes like this:

  • The board votes to accept the resignation and declare the seat vacant.
  • Citizens from the district are asked to submit their names or a letter of interest to the chief executive officer by a specified date.
  • The board screens the applicants and selects several of them to interview. 
  • The board's interviews of candidates, discussion, selection and vote on a replacement must be held in a public meeting and meeting minutes must record each board member's name and vote.
  • The person selected serves until the June 30 following the next regular district election. At that election, someone is elected to serve either the unexpired portion of the four-year term or a new four-year term. See ORS 332.030.
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