Do drafts of minutes need to be retained?

No. The OARs regarding record retention of minutes do not require draft minutes be retained. Regardless, it is a best practice not to have different versions of minutes if at all possible.

OAR 166-400-0010 (9) Committee and Board Meeting Records document the activities, decisions, and proceedings of regularly scheduled, special, executive session, or emergency meetings of governing bodies and committees of the school, district, or ESD. Governing bodies may include boards, advisory councils, commissions, site councils, committees, advisory groups, and task forces. Records may include but are not limited to meeting minutes, agendas and agenda packets, exhibits, resolutions, staff reports, sound recordings, membership lists, meeting books, significant correspondence and memorandum, and other supporting documentation. SEE ALSO Budget Records in the Financial Records section. Minimum retention: (a) School board meeting minutes and agendas: Permanent (b) Exhibits, other minutes, and supporting records: 5 years after school year in which records were created (c) Sound recordings, if transcribed or abstracted: 1 year after minutes approved.



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