Can we put resolutions on our consent agenda, or do they have to be action items?

There is no rule about what may or may not be on the consent agenda. Traditionally, consent items are routine, non-controversial items that require and would get board approval, such as approval of minutes or reports. There generally is no discussion of the consent agenda items. The consent agenda is moved seconded and voted as a single item. The consent items are grouped and put on a consent agenda as a time-saver. Resolutions and motions – action items – are generally important pieces of business and may not be suited to consent agendas. If, for example, a resolution dealt with naming a particular school day Grandparents Day, it might be suited to a consent agenda; however, for a resolution proposing making the school district fully energy sustainable within 10 years, the board (and the public) will likely need (and want) opportunity for discussion prior to board action.

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