How do we handle a public meetings request for a full board packet before the board meeting?

You should follow your public records request policy and procedure. The person making the request must identify the documents they wish to see (full board packet does not cut it, particularly since there may be confidential materials in there which would not be released) and they must request the information each month. You have a reasonable amount of time to provide it to them, and do not necessarily have to provide it at the same time as the board members receive theirs. You may charge them reasonable costs for copying materials. Many districts put the public portions of the packet on the district website at the time it is released to the board and that way any one can easily access the information in advance of the meeting. However if additional information is provided to the board due to a board request or new information coming up you are not obligated to automatically post or send that information out to someone who has a ‘standing request’. The requestor needs to identify the information or document they are requesting.

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