Are public schools required by state or federal law to display an American flag or have students say the Pledge of Allegiance?

Under Oregon law, specifically ORS 339.875, every public school and charter school must procure a United States and Oregon flag and display the flags upon or near each school building. In addition to the requirement of posting a flag outside each building, Oregon law also requires each school district and charter school to display a flag in each classroom. 

Charter schools must procure and display the flags upon or near the charter school only if the charter school is located in a public building or is located in a private building and proper equipment is readily available for the purpose of displaying the flag. 

In addition, federal law provides that public schools should display the U.S. flag daily on or near the main administration building and every school building.  

Under both Oregon and federal law, the flag should be displayed during regular business hours, although it may be displayed after sundown, if it has the appropriate illumination. The flag should not be displayed during unsuitable weather unless the district has purchased and is displaying an all-weather flag. 

Each public and charter school must provide students with the opportunity to salute and state the Pledge of Allegiance at least once per week during the school year. Students are not required to participate in the salute. However, students who do not participate are expected to maintain a respectful silence during a salute.

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