If we've voted, but later want to change that motion, how do we do it?

Changing a motion that has already been made and voted on comes under the class of motions called "re-do" motions. Here are three of the most commonly used methods:

Reconsider -- A motion to reconsider must be made by a person who voted on the prevailing side. That means someone who was on the side that carried or won the motion. This prevents someone on the losing side from bringing up a motion over and over just to annoy. The motion to reconsider should be made at the meeting at which the motion was made and voted on, although some boards allow it at the next meeting. The motion to reconsider can be seconded by anyone and requires a majority to pass. Once the motion to reconsider passes, the motion to be reconsidered is on the floor, worded exactly as it was when passed. The board can now make a motion to amend it or they can discuss and re-vote it as it is.

Amend something previously adopted - is a change motion that can be made only if no action has been taken on the original motion. It is used to strike out only a part of the text or make a change to the wording. It must be seconded, is debatable and requires 2/3 of the members to vote in the affirmative to pass. The motion is made "To amend the motion previously adopted to now read.." and includes the amendment as the wording of the motion to amend. Once passed, the motion as amended stands. If the motion fails, then the original motion stands.

Rescind -- A motion to rescind can only be made if no action has been taken on the original motion. It can be made at any time (later meetings included) after the original motion was made and passed. The motion to rescind requires a 2/3 majority to pass. If the rescind motion passes, it completely wipes out the original motion.

Notice that the first example, "reconsider," is actually a two-step process. If the motion to reconsider passes it brings back the original motion for the board to discuss and vote on. The motion to reconsider does not make any changes by itself. In fact, the board may re-vote the original motion and end up making no changes whatsoever or it may vote down the original motion, and no action is taken as a result.

The "motion to amend previously adopted" and the "motion to rescind" are one-step motions. If one of them passes, the previous motion either goes away (rescind) or is changed. If the "motion to rescind" or "motion to amend motion previously adopted" fails to get a 2/3 vote, the original motion stands as it was voted.

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