How many consecutive board meetings can a board member miss and remain on the board?

No matter how many board meetings a board member misses, he or she will not automatically go off the board. The school board has to vote to declare the seat vacant.

Oregon statutes allow the school board to vote to declare a seat vacant if a board member misses two months' meetings with no excuse, which removes the board member from that seat. This action should only be used if the board member has made it clear he or she doesn't want to continue on the board (in which case a resignation submitted by the board member would be preferable). If the board member has an excuse for the missed meetings, he or she cannot be removed after only two months. After four months of missed meetings, the board can vote to remove a board member, whether he or she has an excuse.

It is important to note that it takes action by the board - a vote - to remove a board member even after four months of missed meetings in a row.

ORS 332.030 Vacancy in office of director. (1) The district school board shall declare the office of a director vacant upon the happening of any of the following: . (d) When an incumbent ceases to discharge the duties of office for two consecutive months unless prevented therefrom by sickness or other unavoidable cause. (e) When an incumbent ceases to discharge the duties of office for four consecutive months for any reason.

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