A few months ago we had a vacancy on our Board. At that time we advertised and interviewed candidates for the position and selected one to fill the vacancy. We now have yet another vacancy, do we need to advertise and interview again or can the Board select a replacement from the previous applicants?


You should review the Board's policy on the filling of vacancies to determine what process your are obligated to follow.

The first step is to determine whether or not the policy requires the Board to advertise the vacancy prior to filling it. If there is no policy requirement for the vacancy to be advertised prior to selecting a replacement, the next step is to determine if Board positions are at large or zoned. If Board positions are zoned you may select a candidate from the previous recruitment provided that individual meets the zone requirements; otherwise you must recruit someone from the zone to fill the vacancy. If the Board positions are at large, the Board may choose a replacement from the remaining candidates from the previous recruitment.

However, while the Board may not be required to post the vacancy prior to filling it, if you think the public will be upset about the failure to post the vacancy the Board could always announce the vacancy at a Board meeting or post a notice of the vacancy on its website.

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