Due to a resignation, we have an open position on our board. We have received two applications and will be interviewing and selecting a replacement member at an upcoming meeting. We now have a four-member board and would like to know what happens if we have two members select one applicant – and the other two members select the other applicant and we end up ‘deadlocked’. How can we reach a final decision to select the new member?


If the board votes splits two for one candidate and two for another candidate and there no board member changes his/her the seat simply stays vacant because the Board was unable to reach a decision. The board can continue to vote as many times as they want at this meeting or future meetings. The seat can stay vacant until the next May election. At that point if someone files for the position then someone will be elected to fill the seat. Even if the board appoints at the February meeting, that person must run in the May election to continue in the position. There have been situations where the board was unable to come to consensus on a candidate and the seat remained vacant for nearly two years.

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