Is it sufficient to list the name of the board member who made a motion, seconded the motion and then state the outcome, passed or failed? Do the actual votes of the board members have to be listed by name?

Oregon law requires the board members’ votes be listed by name, or in a manner allowing anyone to determine how each member voted. If you have listed the names of the board members in attendance and all voted yes, the minutes may state a motion passed ‘unanimously’. If it is not unanimous, then the minutes must show how each person voted and whether it passed or failed. (e.g., Voting in favor: Bob, Sue, Chris. Opposed: Tom and Rebecca. Abstaining: John and Kevin. The motion failed for lack of a majority.) You must state who made the motion, but Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised and state laws do not require you to list the name of the person who seconded the motion. For more information on this question, Ask OSBA.