If our board chair resigns as chair yet remains on the board, do we need a resolution to accept that? Or, can the board just accept the resignation and approve a resolution electing another board member as chair?


Begin by looking at your District's policy on election of officers and how those positions are filled. It is always best in these situations to make sure the Board doesn't set up a process that conflicts with policy which is in place.

OSBA’s sample policy BCB states, “If a Board member is unable to continue to serve as an officer, a replacement will be elected immediately. The replacement officer will serve the remainder of the officer’s term until the following July.” This sample policy also states, “In the absence, incapacitation or death of the chair, the vice chair will perform the duties of chair and, when so acting, will have the chair’s powers.”

If your local policy has similar language, we recommend the following:

  1. Vote to accept the resignation of the chair
  2. Immediately have the vice chair step in as chair
  3. Have the vice chair open a discussion of the board as to how they would like to proceed. Options are: 
    • Elect a new chair, and if it is not the current vice chair then everything else stays the same
    • Elect a new chair, if it is the current vice chair the board then needs to elect a new vice chair.     
    • Take no action and let the vice chair continue to operate as the chair until the next re-org meeting in July when a new chair is elected. In this case, the board may want to designate a second vice-chair to run meetings if the first vice chair, now acting chair, is unavailable.
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