Can our district's Web site have a link to our county's Voter's Pamphlet if it includes endorsements of our bond measure?

Yes, you can link to this publication. In fact, we checked with OSBA's communications officer AND the Secretary of State's elections office to confirm this answer. Voters' Pamphlets by government agencies -state, counties, cities - are all set up as open to both sides, so even though a particular measure may only have arguments submitted on one side or the other, that's okay as it was open to all for same fee. However, the text introducing the link, if any, should not advocate and should not say something like, look at the argument in support on page X of this pamphlet.

For more about the do's and don'ts of elections see The Election Process: A guide to School Bonds and Local Option Levies.

For more information on this question, Ask OSBA.