A budget committee member withdrew before the end of her term (June 2016). The board has voted in a new budget committee member to take her place. Does this new member serve three years from now or does the board have to vote this member in again once the original term is finished – June 2016?

Oregon law provides:

(7) If any appointive member is unable to serve the term for which the member was appointed, or an appointive member resigns prior to completion of the term for which the member was appointed, the governing body of the municipal corporation shall fill the vacancy by appointment for the unexpired term. ORS 294.414.

The governing body fills the vacancy for the unexpired term, so the new member will only serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. At the end of the term, that individual can be re-appointed to a full three-year term. In your situation, the newly appointed budget committee member’s term ends in June 2016. At that point, your Board may re-appoint them for another term, then s/he can serve until June 2019.



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