A parent in our district has become irrational and belligerent with our staff, it has become necessary for us to restrict her presence on district property. The superintendent wants to send her a no trespass letter which the board would like to approve prior to sending. Should this be handled in executive session or can we discuss the letter, but not its contents, in open session?


Who is, or is not allowed on school property is an operational decision which the superintendent should handle without any board action.  The Board's function is to set the policy and direction for the district, it is not board work to manage the daily operations of the district's facilities. If the superintendent feels this is an issue which requires notification of the Board, individual Board members may be notified by phone. If it is ultimately determined this needs to be discussed in general terms (e.g. no names) by the full Board then it must be done in a public meeting. There is no legitimate educational reason for the board to need to know any details that would identify the family or the child. If the board decides to discuss the issue then votes to approve the letter and later the parent decides to file a complaint against the superintendent, the board will be perceived as biased during the complaint procedure. This could cause legal problems for the district. For more information on this question, Ask OSBA.