Can all of our board members participate in a meeting of our political action committee to promote a bond campaign? If so, do we need to post it as a public meeting?


As board members you are not prohibited from participating in political activities, in fact, there is a clear recognition that you, as board members, are politicians. The key to participating in these activities legally is to insure you do not rely on any support from the school district. Additionally, when you and fellow board members are gathered together for the purpose of political activity it is vitally important you do not drift into any other governance or district business.

So long as the meeting of the political action committee remains focused on the political aspects of the campaign and does not drift into any other governance issues, you are permitted to gather and discuss. You do not need to post this as a public meeting.

It is a good idea to include other community members on your committee, both from a campaign point of view and to ensure that you stick solely to the purpose of your meeting.

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