If the board is interviewing multiple candidates for one board vacancy, can the board ask the other candidates to remain outside the meeting while individual candidates are being questioned by the board?

As interviews for a board vacancy are conducted in public meetings, there is no mechanism for candidates to be excluded during the meeting.  

We understand this may give some candidates an advantage, depending on when their interview falls.  Here are a couple of options to deal with the situation.
  1. Have the candidates draw for spots in terms of the order in which they are interviewed.
  2. Interview all candidates at the same time.  For example, if there are three candidates then have all sit at the same table in front of the board.  Have all three candidates answer question #1 then move on to question #2.  For complete fairness the board can rotate candidates that are first to respond to each question.  The first candidate does not always have to be the first one to answer each question.

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