What is best practice for the procedure for nominating and electing Board officers and appointing new Board members?


Oregon statutes do not specify a single process which boards must follow in filling board vacancies. Many districts have adopted a specific policy on the process of filling vacancies. The first step in the process of filling a vacancy on the school board is to review the current policy and identify the requirements which have been established.

In a situation where the board seats are filled by zone, state law requires the board vote to declare the vacancy and then post the opening for twenty (20) calendar days with the Board then following whatever process is outlined in Board policy. If the board seats are not filled by zone then the board votes to declare a vacancy and then just follows the process in Board policy.

Generally the process used to appoint individuals to vacant school board seats incorporates some sort of a screening process, including the possibility of interviewing applicants for the position. If interviews are used in selecting a replacement then any interviews of applicants must be conducted in public. Once a replacement has been identified then current board members vote to appoint the applicant selected to fill the vacant seat. All voting must occur in public and cannot be done using any form of a secret ballot method.

The person(s) selected will fill the vacancies until June 30 following the next regular district election. Elections are held in May of odd numbered years. At that election the individual may be elected to serve either the unexpired two year portion of the four year term or new four year term depending on which is applicable.

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