Which aspects of employee discipline should be handled in executive session vs public session?

In executive session, your board will discuss the disciplinary issue (or complaint or other personnel issue) and arrive a consensus about the action you will take (a letter for the employee's file or other disciplinary action). This executive session should be posted under ORS 192.660(2)(b).Then the board will return to public session, make a motion, get a second, and vote. The motion should be something like, "I move the board take the disciplinary action discussed in executive session." Nothing more is said in public. In other words, the final action is taken in public session, without revealing any confidential information. If the board's consensus is to take no action, then the board does not have to make any public statement. However, it is usually a good practice to come out into public session and state that the board is taking no action on the executive-session topic the board has just met about.

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