Do we have to add an agenda item that is not of interest to the rest of the board if it is requested by a board member?

The board chair and superintendent set the agenda together (Policy BCB and BDDC). They take suggestions from board members and add items they believe to be of importance and common interest. However, it is the board's agenda - that is, the agenda supported by a majority of the board members.

Some boards vote to approve the agenda as the first step at each meeting. This is the time when items may be deleted or added, by majority vote. Even if this is not the board's process, a board member may still make a motion to add or delete an item on the current agenda or to have an item added on a future agenda. The key here is that the motion must be made, seconded, discussed, and voted on. If the vote of the majority is to add the item to a future agenda, the chair and superintendent must do so. If the individual making the motion fails to obtain a second, or the majority does not support it, the item will not be added, and the members wanting to add an agenda item have reached the limits of their recourse.

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