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The most recent questions are listed below.

We are confirming that with the passing of HB 2892 all of the schools in our district will begin flying an MIA/POW flag with the US flag and the Oregon State flag on January 1, 2016. Is that correct? - 2/05/16

Can the chair refuse to take a motion? What recourse do other board members have? - 1/29/16

We need to change an upcoming Board meeting date, due to a conflicting event. I THINK we need to present the revised Board meeting schedule to the Board as an action item for approval, and then change the date on our website. Am I correct? - 1/22/16

What law states that students are required to attend school until graduation or the attainment of age eighteen unless otherwise excused? - 1/15/16

If we table an item until a future date as an action item, and we are not ready to bring it forward, does it die and we have to bring it forward again, or can a board member raise it as a question and then we table it again? - 1/08/16

How long do we need to keep the audio tapes of our meetings once they have been transcribed to a written format? - 12/24/15

What rules have to be followed for retaining board member emails regarding school district business? - 12/18/15

Can a part-time athletic coach serve on the school board? - 12/11/15

How many consecutive board meetings can a board member miss and remain on the board? - 12/04/15

My understanding is that if the board appoints a committee to do a certain task, meetings of that committee must follow public meeting laws. In particular, notices of the committee meeting(s) must be posted just like we do for our school board meetings. If, for example, a 7-member board appointed 3 of its members to review a process and then return to the full board with its findings and recommendations, does the meeting of those 3 members need to be posted? - 11/20/15

What laws or guidelines apply to gifts given by parents or students to teachers, or by staff members and employees and board members to each other? - 10/30/15

Our board adopts its meeting calendar in July every year. If later in the year a request is made to cancel a meeting, does the board have to act to cancel the meeting, or can we just simply cancel it without board action? If we cancel a published meeting, do we need to give a 24-hour notice? - 10/22/15

Does the Board need to annually approve a Tuition Agreement we have with another school district? Also, do inter-district transfer agreements need to be approved annually by the Board? - 10/16/15

I am preparing our Board Agenda Packet and our Board will be signing the Superintendent's contract. Is it okay to include a copy in the Board Agenda Packet? - 10/08/15

Can the board discuss setting district goals while attending OSBA’s convention in Portland in November? - 10/01/15