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The most recent questions are listed below.

Are public schools required by state or federal law to display an American flag or have students say the Pledge of Allegiance? - 2/13/15

Does a student who has reached the age of 18 have the right to sign themselves in and out of school, and sign their own permission slips? - 1/30/15

Can a board member be considered for a paid position, such as a project manager, funded by a grant received by the district? - 1/09/15

Do you have some suggestions about what board members can and can’t say, and should and should not do during collective bargaining? - 11/07/14

When a board member gets a written or electronic note about a board issue, how should it be shared with the full board? - 10/31/14

Do "blogs" or other social media postings violate public meetings laws? - 10/24/14

What rules have to be followed for retaining board member emails and text messages regarding school district business? - 10/17/14

One of our board members speaks to the public and press against the positions taken by the board at our meetings. This board member has also leaked information from executive session meetings. Is there anything the rest of the board can do about this situation? - 10/10/14

Do committee meetings have to follow public meetings laws if there are less than a quorum of board members on the committee? - 10/03/14

I am an elected school board member and am not up for election this year. Can I write a letter to the editor of the local paper and campaign in other ways in support of two candidates for open seats? - 9/26/14

Can we put resolutions on our consent agenda, or do they have to be action items? - 9/19/14

When our board passes a political resolution how should we post it and handle the minutes? - 9/05/14

How long do we have to keep the audio or video recordings of our board meetings? - 8/29/14

How much detail should be included in our executive session minutes? - 8/22/14

Should public input be at the beginning or end of the meeting, or during each agenda item? What is the best way to schedule this portion of the meeting? - 8/08/14