McGrath SUCCEED Communication Training
“Lead with your heart, while using your head!”

Leadership Training for administrators in collaboration with OSPA

Audience: Human Resources Professionals, Principals, Assistant Principals, Athletic Directors, Food Service and Transportation Supervisors, Central Office Administrators, Classified Supervisors and Managers, Superintendents, and anyone who supervises employees in the school setting.

Learn powerful new communication skills for thinking, speaking, listening, and writing that will dramatically improve how you give and receive feedback – in supervision, evaluation, performance growth, commendations, and any necessary discipline.

The SUCCEED communication process takes individual opinions, emotions, and biases out of the way so that the communication can be actually received and acted upon to produce immediate results. These new skills come with practical tools that support administrators throughout their jobs, whenever and wherever giving and receiving feedback is essential.

You gain the confidence to communicate orally and in writing, leaving nothing to be disputed in your interactions. SUCCEED’s consistent and proven approach is based on the four TRUE principles - Trust, Respect, Understand, Evolve - that combine with practices that support continuous improvement and systemic change. It comes with the additional safeguard of being legally fit, complementing district policy and union agreements.

Watch a 5 minute video and learn what other administrators say about the power of the SUCCEED System.

The two day SUCCEED course will provide participants with:

  • Tools and a uniform system for constructive communication in supervision, evaluation, performance growth, commendation and discipline.
  • A process that complements and enhances your current evaluation instruments.
  • A 4-point logic system for thinking and communicating that correlates human relationship standards with the rights and protections the law affords.
  • The ability to distinguish management's right to supervise and remediate from the discipline and dismissal process.
  • The skills and confidence to communicate orally and in writing, leaving nothing to be disputed in your interactions.
  • A consistent and proven approach to handling complaints from teachers, staff, parents, board members and others.
  • An expanded capacity to retain qualified staff and increase student achievement.
  • Each participant will receive a free one-year subscription to our online software program that reinforces the concepts of the training and provides coaching and help to construct effective communications.

This systematic and ethical approach moves people past the dominance of individual interests to outstanding personal and organizational performance.  

Download: "What Is SUCCEED and How Does It Work?"

Price information

First 10 registrations are $325 each. Additional registrations are $275 each.  Cancellations made within 14 days of the training are charged the full price.