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Budget and Finance Announcements

OSBA legislative priority: Senate Bill 447 provides capital matching funds

During the last legislative interim, a task force report concluded that state matching dollars can provide a key incentive for local communities to make capital investments in their schools. The recommendations of the task force were drafted as Senate Bill 447.

Senate committees consider kicker law reform

Oregon’s kicker law requires that when general fund revenues exceed estimated amounts by more than two percent, the excess is refunded to personal income taxpayers as a credit on their income tax return.

Hear OSBA Secretary-Treasurer Sam Lee's radio interview on his meetings with legislators in Washington, D.C.

Sam Lee, OSBA secretary-treasurer and Winston-Dillard School Board member, speaks on KQEN radio about No Child Left Behind, the Child Nutrition Act, Secure Rural Schools, school funding and the Promise of Oregon.

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Budget and Finance News Releases

Oregon school board members head to DC to urge support for education priorities

1/29/14 - Federal payments to counties, NCLB waiver, and investing in programs to help disadvantaged students will be discussed.

OSBA applauds co-chairs' budget proposals for education

3/4/13 - By recognizing the importance of adequate school funding, the co-chairs' budget will allow some districts to avoid making further reductions.

Oregon school board members head to DC to urge support for education priorities

1/25/13 - Federal payments to counties, Oregon's NCLB waiver, and "fiscal cliff" resolution will be discussed.

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