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Read the latest OEIB Bulletin - May 22, 2015

Oregon Chief Education Officer Dr. Nancy Golden has provided this latest update on Oregon Education Investment Board activities.

FBI School Threats training

The FBI presents FREE training on School Threats: Gaps and Best Practices for K-12 & Law Enforcement.

Schools and community college see bond elections, levies succeed

All seven school bond and local option levies passed in the May 19 election, continuing recent positive trends on such votes.

OSBA mourns passing of Reynolds Board Chairman Bruce McCain

McCain contributed greatly to public education as a member of OSBA’s Legislative Policy Committee and an ongoing member of Oregon’s education community.

Legislative Update - Video: March 19, 2015

Find out what is happening NOW in the Legislature! Watch the OSBA Legislative Update Video.

Noor will lead state Department of Education

Salam Noor, who most recently held a director position at the state Higher Education Coordinating Commission, succeeds Rob Saxton as deputy superintendent of public instruction.

School board candidate filings number 817 this election

There are 696 open positions across the state, and 483 incumbents are running.

May 15 Legislative Highlights is now online

Get the latest legislative news

Read the latest OEIB Bulletin - May 15, 2015

Oregon Chief Education Officer Dr. Nancy Golden has provided this latest update on Oregon Education Investment Board activities.

Legislative Highlights to be published intermittently

With the 2015 legislative session working toward adjournment, OSBA will be publishing Legislative Highlights on an as-needed basis, as important issues or legislation arise.

May forecast up – schools to receive $105.8 million more in 2015-17

Under a promise made by the Legislature when it appropriated $7.25 billion to the State School Fund earlier this session, schools will receive 40 percent of any increased revenue. Through that formula, schools would get $7.36 billion in 2015-17.

House committee approves small high school grant extension

Senate Bill 667A in its original form would have made the small high school grant permanent, but under an amendment adopted in the Senate Education Committee earlier this session it is extended for five more years.

May forecast up – schools to receive $105.8 million more in 2015-17

New state revenue projections released May 14 indicate that K-12 schools will receive an extra $105.8 million in 2015-17, thanks to stronger-than-expected job growth and income tax collections.

Paid sick leave bill heard

Senate Bill 454A creates a very prescriptive process to allow employees paid sick leave if they work in Oregon under certain conditions.

May 8 Legislative Highlights is now online

Get the latest legislative news

OSBA Legislative Priority: Capital matching funds for school districts in the spotlight

The Task Force on School Capital Improvement Planning issued a report to the Legislature in 2014 concluding that state matching dollars are a critical incentive for local communities to invest in school facilities. Key task force recommendations were drafted into Senate Bill 447.

Pacific Region publishes highlights from March NSBA Board meetings

Pacific Region members of the National School Boards Association Board of Directors have compiled highlights from two board meetings held in Nashville, Tenn.

In “Promise” video, Oregonians trace path to success through public schools

As part of “The Promise of Oregon” campaign, 10 adult Oregonians describe how their public school experiences led to professional successes.

Brookings-Harbor School Board members featured on OPB

Brookings-Harbor School Board Members Bruce Raleigh and Katherine Johnson said the PERS decision could lead to teacher layoffs and larger class sizes.

House Rules Committee holds hearing on ethics, public records changes

Proposals included in the bills included giving the Legislature the ability to order an investigation into the activities of the governor and changes to Oregon’s ethics laws.

May 1 Legislative Highlights is now online

Get the latest legislative news

State Supreme Court strikes down most 2013 PERS reforms

Preliminary estimates from the Legislative Fiscal Office show that for the 2017-19 biennium, K-12 schools could see increased PERS costs of $358 million, or 5.5 percent.

Charter school funding bill receives hearing

HB 2150A would amend ORS 338.013 and 338.155, and is intended to amend a law enacted in 2011 under passage of House Bill 3417.

Interim bargaining bill heard in second committee

HB 2544 would add a binding arbitration clause to the expedited bargaining process, and as written would change ORS 243.698.

Schools projected to face $358 million bill from PERS ruling

The state Legislative Fiscal Office reached that figure by estimating that PERS rates that school employers pay would rise by an average of 5.5 percent in 2017-19.

Miller-Jones discusses school board service on KLCC radio

OSBA's executive director addressed the value of school board service and the need to encourage diversity among board candidates, Smarter Balanced testing and the value of local control.

Supreme Court overturns bulk of PERS reforms

The Supreme Court’s ruling effectively eliminates much of the anticipated $5.3 billion in savings from the legislation.

Transportation grant funding available for schools

The grants are designed to help local governments improve transportation systems, including multi-modal and active transportation options.

PACE Awards recognize two districts, risk management coordinator

The awards highlight significant contributions made in 2014 to the Property and Casualty Coverage for Education program.

April 24 Legislative Highlights is now online

Get the latest legislative news

Improvements to interdistrict transfer system clear Senate Education Committee

On April 21, the Senate Education Committee voted 6-1 to send Senate Bill 709, with amendments, to the full Senate for consideration.

Attend a Ways and Means field hearing – continue the push for higher funding

The Oregon Legislature’s Joint Committee on Ways and Means will continue its field hearings across Oregon during April. We urge you to advocate on behalf of Oregon’s schoolchildren!

Charter bills in Senate Education

Senate Bill 3044 and Senate Bill 3045 would make changes to ORS 332.158, 338.120 and ORS 338.155(5).

Deadlines come and deadlines go

April 21 was the deadline for bills to be “worked” in a work session in the originating committee, or the bill was dead.

School Safety Task Force newsletter - April issue now online

Among the task force’s responsibilities are to make recommendations on compiling and storing a database of public school floor plans, and developing coordinated plans and training for safety incident responses to schools.

Secure Rural Schools legislation gets two-year extension

The United States Senate gave final approval to legislation that will extend federal payments to Oregon’s timber counties for two years.

April 17 Legislative Highlights is now online

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Next Steps: Revenue and spending discussion should occur now

The question now is where to find additional funds to raise the amount in the State School Fund.

Career and Technical Education bill gets momentum in committee

House Bill 3166 was brought by the Baker City School District and, as drafted, would establish standards to allow certain persons to teach non-core courses.

OSBA Action Alert: Ways and Means field hearings continue – continue the push for higher funding

The Oregon Legislature’s Joint Committee on Ways and Means will continue its field hearings across Oregon during April. We urge you to advocate on behalf of Oregon’s schoolchildren!

Student Information Privacy bill advances

SB 187A would prohibit online educational sites, services and applications from compiling, sharing or disclosing student personal information for any purpose other than for school purposes.

2014-2015 Salary Survey now available

Teacher salary and benefits survey

School funding advocacy efforts need to continue

What are the next steps in our fight to protect our schools and the students of Oregon?

Bill to support English Language Learners receives consensus

House Bill 3499 aims to improve educational outcomes for English Language Learners in our K-12 public schools.

Reynolds’ Bruce McCain honored for leadership, service

Reynolds School Board Chair and OSBA Legislative Policy Committee member Bruce McCain was honored by OSBA for his service.

Senate Education Committee hears charter school bills

Senate Bill 819 and Senate Bill 588 impact school districts and charter schools and range in policy changes from audits, transportation costs and the percentage of dollars passed through to charter schools.

2014-15 Salary Survey Book

Updated Teacher Salary Survey Book

Senate approves State School Fund budget

The Senate approved the proposed budget along straight party lines, with the total amount appropriated to the SSF at $7.255 billion.

April 10 Legislative Highlights is now online

Get the latest legislative news

OSBA ACTION ALERT: OSBA members urged to testify at Ways and Means Committee field hearings

During the next 90 days, OSBA will work with the Legislature to increase the K-12 education funding level of $7.255 billion for the 2015-17 biennium. We need your continued advocacy!

Saxton announces move to Northwest Regional ESD

Rob Saxton, Oregon’s deputy superintendent of public instruction, has announced he will leave the post effective June 30 to become superintendent of the Northwest Regional Education Service District.

April School Leader News is now online

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Education Department updates handout on Smarter Balanced

The new one-page fact sheet focuses on how Smarter Balanced differs from its predecessors, and how creating higher standards will better prepare young people for their future.

Keep moving the conversation on ‘legislators’ budget’

Keeping you in the loop - April 2015 Update from Betsy Miller-Jones

'Summer Camp' for board members is coming up

This is your chance to learn more about the critical issues facing Oregon's schools and their leaders.

‘Promise’ campaign builds momentum amid budget votes

The basic premise of ‘The Promise of Oregon’ campaign is that our primary investment should be in educating our children.

Third “Promise” video features Jordan Valley High student

Nick Eiguren talks about the advantages of growing up in a small, rural town, and preparing for college.

April 3 Legislative Highlights is now online

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House passes $7.25 billion K-12 budget

The Oregon House of Representatives voted 35-25 to pass a State School Fund budget of $7.25 billion for the 2015-17 biennium; the Senate will take up the bill as early as April 6.

OSBA ACTION ALERT: Urge Senate “No” vote on State School Fund

Oregon schools and students need your help! We need to find a way to fund schools at a minimum of $7.5 billion to hold even.

Unemployment bill receives Senate hearing

Senate Bill 470 would make a significant change in policy to the unemployment benefits for non-instructional workers in school districts and community colleges.

Student transfer bill debated in Senate Education Committee

SB 709 is an attempt at highlighting the policy questions that need to be answered when crafting a new system for student transfers that treats all children equitably.

Education Roundup: OEIB workgroup seeks proposals; Outdoor School funding headed to Ways and Means; student discipline bills advance to full Senate

Senate Education Committee discussed the future of the Oregon Education Investment Board and considered Senate Bills 439, 553 and 556.

Ways and Means Committee approves State School Fund budget

The total amount appropriated to the SSF is $7.255 billion, which is slightly higher than the previous amount of $7.235 billion.

OSBA ACTION ALERT: State School Fund

Over the next week, legislators in Salem will decide whether to settle for a State School Fund (SSF) budget that will dictate more cuts affecting students, or aim higher. You can change students’ future, and ours – contact your legislators!

March 27 Legislative Highlights is now online

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Senate’s employer bills could impact school districts

Senate Bill 414, Senate Bill 454 and Senate Bill 470 would escalate costs while obstructing the ability to decide how to deliver certain services.

Upcoming May bond elections

One community college and six school districts have placed a bond on the May 2015 ballot.

Education Roundup: Construction excise taxes and dyslexia training

Senate Bill 903 would extend the law, originally passed in 2007, that allows school districts to impose a tax on new construction. Senate Bill 612 would require better training and screening for students with dyslexia.

Charter school bills heard in House Education Committee

House Bill 3045 would change ORS 338.155; House Bill 3046 would allow districts to request a waiver from the State Board of Education for the existing application and evaluation process.

March 20 Legislative Highlights is now online

Get the latest legislative news

State School Fund testimony continues

Beaverton, David Douglas and North Clackamas school districts testified that the proposed $7.235 billion budget would create reductions in their schools.

Small district self-directed superintendent search service debuts

OSBA has developed a new service to help school boards of small school districts and education service districts (1,650 ADM or less) conduct an executive search for a superintendent for a minimal cost.

Measles prevention and treatment resources available to schools

The U.S. Department of Education has made a number of resources available to districts nationwide as the result of a recent measles outbreak tied to a California amusement park. Thus far, only one Oregon case has been reported as part of the outbreak.

Watch a recording of the March 16 Legislative Session Update webinar

Learn about Oregon's Education Fundamentals Gap and legislative funding proposals for 2015-17.

Education Roundup: Student discipline discussion dominates Senate Education Committee

On March 10, the Senate Education Committee held public hearings on four bills related to student discipline.

March 13 Legislative Highlights is now online

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State School Fund hearings held

The Joint Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education held public hearings this week on the budget bill (House Bill 5017) to fund the State School Fund (SSF) for the 2015-17 biennium.

Legislative Update - Video: March 12, 2015

Find out what is happening NOW in the Legislature! Watch the OSBA Legislative Update Video.

Education advocates call on legislators to adequately invest in schools

Umatilla fifth-grader Alfonso Bernal and Bethel SD Superintendent Colt Gill joined dozens of other education advocates testifying before the Education Subcommittee of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means to ask the Legislature to significantly invest in schools through the 2015-17 State School Fund.

Revenue Committee discusses High Cost Disability Fund

The House Revenue Committee held a hearing on two bills that would increase the amount of funding in the High Cost Disability Account for school districts to access for costs associated with students with disabilities that exceed certain levels.

Education Roundup: Lowering compulsory school age and 60-day SPED evaluations

House Bill 2673 would require each school district to prepare an annual summary of special education services that are offered to students by the district. Senate Bill 321 requires that children in Oregon begin attending public school at age 5; the current compulsory age is 7.

School board candidate information is online

Learn what you need to know about running for election for your local school board.

March 6 Legislative Highlights is now online

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OSBA Bill Spotlight: Capital matching funds bill moving forward

Senate Bill 447, which would provide state matching dollars for capital construction, took an important step forward in the legislative process.

Ways and Means Subcommittee to hold public hearings on the State School Fund

The Education Subcommittee of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means will hold hearings on March 10 and 11.

Radon testing by schools bill heard in House Committee

House Bill 2931 is the first step in undertaking the complex task of testing for the presence of radon gas in all school buildings.

Second “Promise” video features Sublimity Middle (North Santiam SD) student

Kaitlin Sandall describes how she has faced the diagnosis that she is diabetic and her dreams to help other diabetics.

OSBA Bill Spotlight: House Bill 2608 shakes up OEIB membership

HB 2608 would add two board positions to the Oregon Education Investment Board to be filled by a sitting school board member and the parent of a current K-12 student.

Career and Technical Education bills receive hearings

Along with these hearings, several students were stationed in the Capitol Galleria showcasing their successes, and demonstrating 3D printing and other robotics and industry technologies.

OSBA/COSA Legislative Day welcomes big crowd to Capitol

Attendees took the opportunity to visit directly with legislators and share their views on pressing topics such as educational funding, assessments, the Oregon Education Investment Board and replacing aging school buildings.

Ways and Means Subcommittee to hold hearings on State School Fund

The subcommittee will hear presentations from Oregon Department of Education (ODE) staff related to the State School Fund.

February 27 Legislative Highlights is now online

Get the latest legislative news

Poster identifies effects of school funding levels

Reminiscent of the highly successful "school bus poster" of 2013, this visual aid is being mailed out this week to districts statewide.

Committee hears testimony opposing public contracting bill

Senate Bill 414 would make significant changes to the public contracting code in Oregon Revised Statutes 279B.

February 20 Legislative Highlights is now online

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Revenue forecast up, kicker appears likely to kick

The state’s revenue forecast is roughly $87 million higher than the previous forecast in December. It now appears that the personal income kicker could be activated, resulting in roughly $349 million being returned to taxpayers.

OSBA legislative priority: Senate Bill 447 provides capital matching funds

During the last legislative interim, a task force report concluded that state matching dollars can provide a key incentive for local communities to make capital investments in their schools. The recommendations of the task force were drafted as Senate Bill 447.

Kate Brown sworn in as Oregon’s governor

Secretary of State Kate Brown became Gov. Kate Brown after swearing an oath as Oregon’s 38th governor.

News Releases

Oregon school board members head to DC to urge support for education priorities

1/29/14 - Federal payments to counties, NCLB waiver, and investing in programs to help disadvantaged students will be discussed.

Miller-Jones and Howatt elected to NSBA positions

12/16/13 - OSBA Executive Director Betsy Miller-Jones was re-elected as Pacific Region secretary-treasurer and OSBA Past President Kris Howatt (Gresham-Barlow School Board) was elected as the alternate Pacific Region representative to the NSBA Policies and Resolutions Committee.

OSBA applauds co-chairs' budget proposals for education

3/4/13 - By recognizing the importance of adequate school funding, the co-chairs' budget will allow some districts to avoid making further reductions.

OSBA Board selects Miller-Jones as OSBA executive director

1/28/13 - The Oregon School Boards Association Board of Directors has unanimously selected Interim Executive Director Betsy Miller-Jones as the association’s new executive director.

Oregon school board members head to DC to urge support for education priorities

1/25/13 - Federal payments to counties, Oregon's NCLB waiver, and "fiscal cliff" resolution will be discussed.

Salem-Keizer School Board rejoins OSBA

7/11/2012 - With Salem-Keizer School Board's decision to rejoin, the Oregon School Board's Association once again represents every school board in Oregon. A unanimous and united OSBA will be a strong voice for students and public education in Oregon.

Portland Public Schools Board of Directors rejoins Oregon School Boards Association

6/25/2012 - By rejoining the association, Portland Public Schools helps unify advocates for public education as we tackle major statewide issues like school funding, student achievement and accountability.

Governor taps school board members to help guide higher education

5/16/2012 - Gov. John Kitzhaber has appointed five locally-elected school board members to serve on the newly created Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Jim Green joins OSBA as Deputy Executive Director

2/27/2012 - Green, an attorney, lobbyist and Salem-Keizer School Board member, knows the issues and challenges school board members face.

OSBA board members report productive meetings in D.C.

2/16/2012 - Agenda included federal payments to counties and NCLB waiver.

Oregon school board reps press education issues in Washington, D.C.

2/08/2012 - A delegation of the Oregon School Boards Association's board of directors met with the state’s congressional delegation to stress the importance of Oregon’s proposed waiver of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

OSBA’s legislative priorities show sense of urgency

1/31/2012 - The Oregon School Boards Association calls on its membership to advocate for a list of legislative priorities during the upcoming legislative session, and endorses Governor John Kitzhaber’s call for enacting "education achievement compacts" with local school districts.

OSBA honors local board members

1/17/2012 - It’s “School Board Recognition Month,” and the Oregon School Boards Association has recognized our board members for their service to public education.

OSBA announces leadership change

1/7/2012 - The OSBA Board of Directors has named Betsy Miller-Jones as interim Executive Director effective immediately.

Thirty-six school board members receive leadership awards

11/22/2011 - The awards, offered through OSBA’s Leadership Institute, represent a significant level of achievement in board leadership and development.

18 graduate from OSBA's advanced class in school board leadership

5/17/2011 - Over the past five months, school board members from around the state participated in OSBA's Leadership Oregon training, which prepares them to better serve their communities and students.

Gladstone School District wins national recognition from the American School Board Journal

4/04/2011 - The Center for Children and Families, which offers educational programs and social services, earns Magna Award honorable mention.

School board members talk funding with Oregon's Congressional delegation in D.C.

2/08/2011 - Six board members meet with Senators Merkley and Wyden and five House members to talk about the impact of federal stimulus funds on Oregon's schools and federal timber payments.