69th Annual Convention

November 12-15, 2015

Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront  -  1401 SW Naito Parkway, Portland OR 97201  -  503-226-7600    [Map]

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Celebrate the Promise of Oregon: Sharing Best Practices

“The Promise of Oregon” is twofold: the potential that young Oregonians hold, and the obligation that we as a society have to ensure that they can deliver it.

Investment in Board Leadership:
School boards make a difference in student learning. Invest in hearing the latest to increase your students’ achievement.

Student Success: More than 60 workshops provide you with tools and ideas to aid your decision-making and help students succeed.

Network: There’s no better way to connect with others and share experiences than at the receptions, meals, exhibits and workshops.

Celebrate: Great things are happening in education! At Convention, we will recognize and celebrate “The Promise of Oregon,” student achievement and your accomplishments.

The knowledge and values that Oregon’s students gain in school – and their accomplishments – will define our state’s quality of life for years to come.