Board chair's authority

A description of the board chair's authority.

Board secretary

The board secretary provides the board with accurate records of meeting minutes, handles board correspondence, and posts all meetings.

Board training

The chair should encourage board members to attend professional development.

Board training - workshops

Customized board training, facilitation, consultation and advice

Boardsmanship 101 - Tips for new board members

Congratulations to our recently elected or appointed board members! When you take your oath of office at your first board meeting, you are entrusted with one of the most important jobs in your community.

Choosing the chair

The selection of the board chair is made no later than the next regular meeting following July 1 each year.

Communication with the board and public

The primary role of the chair, other than to run meetings, is to be the voice of the board.

Conducting board meetings

The most important role of the board chair is conducting the meeting.

Executive sessions

The board may meet in executive session to discuss subjects allowed by statute but may not take final action, except for specific instances pertaining to student matters.

Facility improvements and sustainability concepts

Webinar training provided on facility improvements and sustainability concepts.

Freedom of information laws

Oregon’s Public Meetings Laws govern what materials must be made available to the public and which may be withheld.

Handling board correspondence

Letters sent to the board of education through the board chair should be shared with other board members.

Leadership Institute

The demands on board members have grown. Now you can earn certificates of recognition in leadership achievement that reflect your growing importance.

Leadership Oregon 2011

Advanced leadership training for school board members.

Leadership Oregon 2013

Advanced leadership training for school board members.

Leadership Oregon 2015

Advanced leadership training for school board members.

Leadership Oregon 2017

Advanced leadership training for school board members.

Leadership Oregon graduates

A list of the most recent Leadership Oregon graduates.

Personal qualities of a board chair

Leadership is an acquired art, not something that comes naturally to all people.

Public hearings

The board will hold public hearings as required by law.

Sharing a common vision

The board chair should work to keep the board focused on the school district's vision.

Surviving tough times webinar

Link to a recording of OSBA's webinar on surviving tough times.

The board chair and first amendment

When the board chair speaks to an issue, the public and the media assume that the chair’s statement is the opinion of the entire board of education.

The board meeting agenda

The agenda, prepared by the board chair and the superintendent, is the most important document at any board meeting.

Voting requirements

A majority of the members of the board (a quorum) must be present to legally conduct business.

When you're in charge as the board chair...

As a new board chair, you suddenly find that you are making decisions, and that 'basic rule' is less defined.